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Latest Update About Imran Khan


Imran Khan’s case in Lahore is more serious than that of NAB
And in this case, life imprisonment can be imposed, if the Supreme Court does not issue bail, then Imran Khan will be arrested again.
Federal Home Minister Rana Sanaullah said there was enough material against Imran Khan that he could be arrested again. Speaking on the Dunya news program, he said that the Lahore case is more serious than the NAB case, and life imprisonment can be imposed in this case, and the events of the past two days have proven to be a temptation.

He said that there is so much material against Imran Khan that he can be arrested again, if the Supreme Court does not grant bail to Imran Khan, then he will be arrested again. Similarly, the main organization of the Pakistan Muslim League-N, Maryam Nawaz, in its response to the decision to release PTI President Imran Khan, said that the Chief Justice was very happy today to meet the criminal who embezzled 60 billion from the national treasury. And they were more than happy to release this criminal.

The Chief Justice responsible for the attacks on the most important and sensitive facilities in the country is the Chief Justice who is a shield for sedition and pours fuel on the fire in the country. Join the justice. Moreover, Defense Minister Khawaja Asif said that there is no chance of imposing martial law in the country, to stay calm, if the situation continues like this, an emergency is a constitutional option, and the constitution can take action in accordance with the law, which is the solution. Out of the current situation is one day and there are elections together.
While holding a press conference on the Supreme Court’s decision on Imran Khan’s release, he said that courts do not express wishes, they issue orders, I was waiting for the order. Kaya, the court should not have paid attention to the assault on the memory of the martyrs. Imran Khan said that no responsibility was taken for the violence and loss in the country. Imran Khan said he had no knowledge of the violence. Didn’t Imran Khan incite the workers to violence? That I was beaten with sticks then I don’t remember anything, there is a big difference between his medical report and Imran Khan’s medical report, Imran Khan went to court in a wheelchair but now the whole world has seen that there is no pain in his leg.
Imran Khan has been respectfully accommodated in the rest house, and facilities are being requested at the rest house. He said let’s see what will be the situation in the future. My fellow lawyer said it was known that the decision would come.



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